Weber Q1200 Review

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Most portable grills are designed to be functional with little regard to their aesthetics. The Weber Q1200 series power grill is different though. Not only is it a great little grill, it’s colorful and looks amazing.

Weber Q1200 Review

– No Assembly required – comes assembled and ready to go
– Cast Aluminum body and lid
– Easy electronic ignition system
– Provides 8,500 BTU of heat per hour
– Runs on disposable LPG cylinders
– Easy to transport
– Large cooking Area

Easy to Use

Lighting a camp fire is difficult, and some portable stoves are almost as difficult to get going. The Q1200 has an excellent and very reliable electronic ignition system. This ensures that the burners start first time, every time.

The Weber Q1200 runs using disposable LP gas cylinders. These are easy to transport with you, they are also very easy to change when you do run out of gas. There is also a LP adapter which can be purchased separately to run on larger gas cylinders if required.

Weber Q1200 grill


This is more than just a barbecue. It’s like bringing a kitchen outdoors into the back yard. There are a number of different cooking grates which are available These can either be made out of cast iron, or stainless steel. Different cooking grates are available for different types of cooking, all of which will retain heat and cook food evenly.

The split griddle of the Q1200 even makes it possible to remove half the grate and replace just one with a griddle. This allows you to cook with two methods at the same time.


The Weber Q1200 can be used to cook a wide range of different foods. The high lid makes it possible to cook quite large things, including birds and roasts. The large 189 square inch cooking area makes it possible to cook for the whole family at the same time.

While cooking there is a handy built in thermometer so that you can keep an eye on how the meal will be cooked.

The burner control valves are very sensitive and can be used to ensure the temperature of the grill is just right.

Weber Q1200 grilling meat

Grease Management

When you first start cooking, tidying up might be the last thing on your mind.  The unique grease management system automatically catches grease and funnels it into a grease trap. The grease trap is located far enough away from the burners to ensure it doesn’t catch on fire. The grease trap is a disposable foil tray which can be disposed of when the grease has cooled down.


This grill is made to the highest standards possible. It is constructed mainly out of cast aluminum. This means that it’s not only strong but also lightweight. Aluminum is also an excellent conductor of heat and ensures that the cook box heats up quickly. This grill is highly efficient and will keep you cooking without using loads of gas.

As soon as you touch the Weber Q1200 for the first time you will be aware of the superior quality. Most barbecue’s and outdoor cookware is manufactured to be almost disposable. It is designed to last and stand the test of time. It is corrosion resistant, and Weber offers spare parts should your grill ever need any work.


The only negative thing about this grill is the price. While it is slightly more expensive than most other grills and outdoor cooking equipment, the Q1200 is in a league of its own. It’s an impressive bit of kit which will certainly outlast all other grills that you have ever bought. The durability, flexibility and impressive features make this a must have outdoor grill.