Weber 60020 The Ranch Charcoal Kettle Grill Review

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Weber 60020 The Ranch Charcoal Kettle Grill is a rather amazing grill. At the high end of the grill market, although it’s lately being offered at a more affordable price, the Weber 60020 has set the bar very high for itself and in comparison to its competition. Can it meet these expectations? Let’s take a look!

Weber 60020 The Ranch Charcoal Kettle Grill Review

Features of the Weber 60020

* Large and Spacious. The first thing that’s quite easy to notice is the large size of the grill. The Weber 60020 Grill is ready to not only be used to grill for a family in the backyard on a nice afternoon, but is equally well suited to handle the grill duties for parties of twenty or more. If you plan on doing some serious grilling for large groups the Weber needs to be looked at seriously.

* Smart Temperature Control. The grill is set up where it’s very easy to maintain different temperatures on its different levels. This is quite useful for cooking, obviously, and makes things like keeping some items warm while still full on cooking others easy to manage. This smart temperature control makes cooking for very large groups much easier to manage.

* Well Designed of Top Materials. The Weber 6020 has been designed by real masters and of the highest quality materials you could ask for in a grill. This translates into it being not only built to last, but also in being much more efficient in its fuel usage. The heat goes where it’s supposed to rather than projecting out in other directions like less expertly designed grills. There’s also no need to ever worry about rust.

* Easy to Move. The grill, despite its large size, is quite easy to move as well as lock in place while cooking, Some thought was clearly put into both these important issues that are sometimes overlooked by their competition.

Quite the winning set of features for a A-list grill with really nothing significant left off that I could think of at all!

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Upsides of the Weber 60020

The Weber really has a whole buffet of pros going for it. Here’s the ones that really stick in mind:

* Affordable. For the quality of the grill, which is absolutely top-notch, the pricing is near perfect. If the needs or desire exists for a high quality grill you will not find a better deal than this.

* Gets the Job Done. The Weber can handle any grill task laid in front of it. You don’t have to worry about it holding up even in hectic conditions – you can focus on cooking and enjoying yourself.

* Will Likely Last Forever. The quality of the grill’s construction is absolutely impeccable. Five star design and materials make it very unlikely you will ever have to buy another grill again, unless you would like to that is.

Any Negatives?

It’s truly hard to pick a negative here, considering it may be the ideal top of the line grill on the market today. The only one is that it may be too much of a grill for your own needs. If it’s just two of your eating BBQ in the backyard investing in the Weber 60020 may be a bit of overkill and something smaller could be a better choice.


Two strong thumbs up and a full endorsement for the Weber 60020 The Ranch Charcoal Kettle Grill. This is first class all the way.