Weber 57067001 Q 3200 Grill Review

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This review will give you the ins and outs of the Weber 57067001 Q 3200 Natural Gas Grill by highlighting some of the features, the pros and cons, and formulating an overall review based on product research and from consumer testimonials.

Weber 57067001 Q 3200 Grill

Product Features

Before you buy any product, you want to know what that product can do for you and what makes that product different from other products on the market. The Weber Grill provides not one, but two stainless steel burners that are optimal for cooking larger meals for bigger occasions.

The body and lid of the product is made from cast iron and the cooking grates are made from a porcelain-enameled cast iron for optimal heating and cooking. It uses natural gas and has a hose that can be connected to your homes natural gas line. This product has a simple and safe ignition process that allows you to light the grill from the outside.

Weber 57067001 Q 3200 Grill Review

Pros & Cons

As mentioned, reviews can be a great way to determine if a grill is right for you. There are two types of reviews, professional and consumer, both which highlight the pros and cons of a product.

Some of the pros of this product include its safety features such as the exterior lighting system and the cast iron material that keeps the heat contained, natural gas has also been proven to be more eco friendly. Some of the cons of this product include limited space that restricts you to cooking on two burners and doesn’t offer any side burners for preparing sides to compliment your meal.


After looking at all the facts, it would appear that the Weber Natural Gas Grill is perfect for anyone that is looking for a small and compact grill. This grill is not what you would call top of the line, but it is efficient enough for families to cook on for personal use and for small parties.

This grill is great in a performance standard and the material is built to last, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the grill annually, like you would with a charcoal grill. This product is definitely a great deal if you can find it on sale this year because they are likely to sell out fast.