Weber 46110001 Review

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The most noticeable thing about the Weber 46110001 Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill is its slim construction.  It only has one cabinet door as opposed to other grills of its kind.  Most of them have two cabinet doors underneath.  If you make an analogy with cars, it would belong to the compact cars division. 

However, this slim construction should not fool you into thinking that it has limited capabilities.  For one, this grill still has side shelves that extend on both sides.  Its large cooking area still has two burners which can grill different recipes to feed more than a family of five.

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Weber 46110001 Review

The burners of the Weber Spirit E210 give off 26,500 BTU of heat.  As with all Weber grills, it is equipped with flavorizer bars and porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates.  Flavorizer bars are important to lots of people, especially those who like good food or are serious about grilling. 

Flavorizer bars ensure that the food they cook and eat retain its natural flavor.  The bars do this by catching food drippings and heat them so that they go back to their origin in the form of vapor.  There is no need to spray or brush the food with synthetic or artificial flavors to make them taste good.


Just the push of a button is all it takes for the Weber Spirit E210 Gas Grill to get into grilling mode.  This is possible with its electronic crossover ignition system.  It is similar to any other stove with its control panels located in front. 

More importantly, since it is fueled by liquid propane, a fuel gauge is conveniently placed so that you would know how much fuel you still have left.  Purchase of a filled tank can be done economically when you can do it along with your grocery shopping.

weber spirit E210 review

A lot of people would recommend buying the Weber 46110001 Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill because of the practical features that comes with its size.  People also like its durability as shown in the materials that are used on the entire grill. 

That is why, I have also been convinced that having this grill as part of my household is a good investment.  Though it may seem like a costly investment, the initial cash outlay is offset by the many years it can be used.