Saffire SG18-JR Review

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The Saffire Charcoal Grill-Smoker cart is three cookers in one allowing you many grilling and smoking options when preparing foods for friends and family.  Both professionals and enthusiasts will enjoy having the option to sear meats, smoke or bake a variety of different foods. 

The Saffire grill-smoker comes in either a black onyx or brilliant red both with a ceramic glaze which makes this grill an attractive addition to your backyard decor.  It also comes with a stainless steel cart for easy portability and bamboo shelves which provide additional prep space during grilling.  The charcoal grate is cast iron for greater durability and there is the option to add a wood chip feeder to the front of the grill a great feature when adding wood chips during the smoking process.

Saffire Charcoal Grill-Smoker Cart Review

This Grill-Smoker comes with an 18 inch cooking grid which is located in the center of the grill but can be adjusted for multiple cooking options.  There is the option to use a grid elevator which brings the cooking surface to the top of the grill which and provides easier access to food while grilling. 

This helps when cooking foods such as pizza allowing the chef easy access to the pie with a pizza spatula.  The ceramic can of the Saffire Grill-Smoker provides excellent heat retention and allows you to achieve high heats for searing and low temperatures for slow cooking.  The Grill-Smoker can even be used as an oven because of its excellent heat retention as well as being capable in cold winter climates.

There are a few features which make this Saffire Grill-Smoker unique.  First is its top vent design which allows for better airflow and circulation during smoking.  Second is the feeder chip door in the front of the grill for adding wood chips during smoking.  Both features add to the usability of this grill-smoker. 

The Saffire Grill-Smoker has excellent heat retention due to its ceramic body and sealed design.  This reduces the amount of charcoal you are required to use when grilling.  These design features make the Saffire Grill-Smoker unique from other grill-smokers available today.

The Saffire Grill-Smoker will be a reliable grill for either the professional or the backyard enthusiast.  The self-cleaning design means more time for enjoying the excellent foods you can prepare with this grill.  The beautiful design and features will make this a grill you are proud to use to entertain you family and guests.

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