Regular Lotus Grill 10100 Review

Deal Score+2
Deal Score+2

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a grill that was light enough to be carried around and did not require a power outlet to operate? That is exactly why the Lotus Grill 10100 is a must have appliance. It won’t take long for consumers to understand just how revolutionary this product is. There is not any other grill on the market that can even compare to the Lotus Grill.

Regular Lotus Grill 10100 Review
Three minutes is all that it takes for this grill to get up to temperature and be ready to start cooking. This is made possible by an innovative design that solely controls the heat. It works by having a built in fan that blows air directly onto the charcoal, which in turn gets the grill to reach its peak temperature quickly.

It should also be mentioned that the cook can choose between different temperature settings. Despite its compact size the Lotus Grill is equipped with a variable heat controller that is perfect for any kind of grilling. The manufacturer has created this grill with the end user in mind and one can enjoy the delicious food and easy cleanup that this product provides. Basically cooking on the grill has been made as convenient and simple as it possibly can be.

As most know not all parks, campgrounds, or picture perfect picnic locations provide guests access to a grill. That is the largest selling point for this product because it is so convenient and simple to use for the everyday individual. Now it does not matter if there is not access to a grill because this little appliance can be packed up in its carrying case and brought to any location. Between the carrying case and the light weight of the appliance this is a product that is very easy to travel with.

One would think that the size of the Lotus Grill would make this an unsafe product. A concern that always comes to mind is the fact that the outside of the grill seems as though it would get extremely hot and difficult to handle. Thankfully this was a concern that was thought of during the production and manufacturing stages and the outside of this grill does not get hot. That is exactly right, the exterior stays nice and cool even when the grill is doing its job and cooking up some hot dogs.

Consumers can clearly see why this product is so popular on the market today. It is innovative and allows users to have access to a grill virtually anywhere and in any kind of situation. None of the other products on the market are able to compete with the revolutionary features this grill has brought to the world.

Whether someone is looking for a grill to cook their family dinner during a camping trip or to grill up some hotdogs outside of a football stadium before the big game this grill is the perfect product. High quality, durability, safety, and convenience work together making this Lotus Grill an extremely attractive product on the market today.

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