Napoleon T410SBNK Triumph Gas Grill Review

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

Napoleon’s grills have gained an exquisite popularity over the past years. There is a wide plethora of products out there, yet some of them are more popular than others. When trying to find professionalism at an affordable price, Napoleon T410SBNK Triumph Natural Gas Grill with 3 Burners, Black And Stainless Steel is an exceptional solution that will take your cooking experience to the next level. Then, what kind of features should you expect?

Napoleon T410SBNK Triumph Gas Grill Review


Napoleon’s grill comes with four different burners. In other words, you can cook some veggies and a few different types of meat at the optimal temperature. Obviously, each burner has its own knob. You save plenty of time, regardless of how many people you are cooking for.

The unit operates with propane. Therefore, you do not depend on electricity or other resources. As long as you got propane around, you can cook whenever you feel like. As for the total power, the grill provides up to 44,700 BTUs.

Given the wide space between the burners, you can use wide skillets and pans. The total cooking area measures 550 square inches. As for the construction, you can leave yourself in quality hands. With the right maintenance, this burner will support your outdoor cooking activities for many years.

It has sear plates, as well as stainless steel burners. The heat is consistent, but also evenly distributed. Forget about cooking half the meat and leaving the other half uncooked. It is not just bad tasting, but also risky for your health.

You can keep everything in one place too, as the grill comes with folding shelves on each side. They have built-in utensil holders. Just pack everything once you are done cooking and return to your everyday activities. It is also portable, since it has four durable casters. Although it weighs close to 100 pounds, moving it around will not cause too many problems.


• Has four burners
• Provides 44,700 BTUs
• Cooking area measures 550 square inches
• Sear plates and stainless steel burners
• Consistent heat
• Even distribution of heat
• Folding side shelves with built-in utensil holders
• Four casters for portability


• Might feel a little heavy for elders or pregnant women – about 95 Pounds


In the end, Napoleon T410SBNK Triumph Natural Gas Grill can make a statement. It ensures quick, efficient and tasty cooking sessions. It works for families, as well as people who like welcoming guests all the time.

8.5 Total Score

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