Napoleon LEX605RSBI Grill Review

Deal Score-1
Deal Score-1

Featuring a high quality stainless steel construction, back-lit adjustment knobs for cooking in the evening, and a jet fire ignition system; the Napoleon LEX605RSBIPSS Propane Gas Grill boasts far more functions than several leading brands. The stylish grill features many traditional accessories to aid with cooking outdoors, and the entire grill area can be fully customized to suit your cooking preference.

Napoleon LEX605RSBIPSS Propane Gas Grill
The Proportions

The entire grill comes in at 150 lbs, and its sturdy construction features reinforced stainless steel panels for that extra bit of security wherever its installed. The Napoleon has a 68.5 inch width, measures 27.2 inches in depth and is 49.2 inches in height. This makes the grill incredibly versatile when it comes to positioning, and the easily maneuvered wheels at the base allow it to be positioned along walls and within corners without difficulty.

The Aesthetics

The Napoleon LEX605RSBI looks every inch the modern cooking appliance, with a matte silver finish to the exterior of the grill itself, and stylish knobs that feature a built in I-GLOW lighting system that glows blue when activated. These lights make the grill ideal for cooking in low light, as well as providing an added source of lighting when entertaining guests outdoors.


With a spacious upper grill featuring EASE lift technology, as well as exterior preparation areas on both sides – the LEX605RSBI makes cooking as easy as it is enjoyable. The upper grill can be accessed by sliding the stainless steel roof backwards to expose the interior of the appliance.

Once opened, the large cooking area features a metal grill located above the stove area, as well as removable plates to allow a range of food to be cooked. The external preparation area comes complete with a removable cutting board, tool hooks and integrated food storage facilities. The knobs are fully functional and allow the built-in fan system to be controlled, as well as providing options for upper and lower grill temperatures.

Useful Extras

Unlike other grills that fail to utilize the space beneath the cooking area; the Napoleon possesses a spacious storage area that can be accessed by opening either of the two door panels. These compartments contain removable shelves to make storing food as easy as possible, but the area is also ideal for keeping tools and cooking utensils safe and out of direct sunlight when not in use.

The entire grill can be disassembled for cleaning, and the stainless steel components can be wiped clean of grease and dirt easily. The gas source can be stored internally or externally via a connective pipe system, and the integrated ‘Sizzle’ feature reduces gas wastage to keep the grill usable for extended periods of time.

A Final Thought

With a variety of features and functions to choose from; The Napoleon LEX605RSBIPPS Propane Gas Grill far surpasses many of its leading competitors, whilst remaining user-friendly and affordable. Its spacious compartments and cooking versatility is what really makes it stand out, as entire meals can be cooked from one location without fuss, and the easy to clean design keeps things even simpler.


7.8 Total Score

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