Medina River Outdoors 67 Review

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There are many people out there who are barbeque enthusiasts and don’t like to miss any opportunity to eat their barbequed food, however the quality of food should not be compromised otherwise there’s no fun if there’s no great taste.

So, a quality grill is something that you should shop for, if you are a true barbeque enthusiast. Medina River Outdoors recently unveiled their new grill/smoker combo, 67 Jumbo. This grill is equipped with some top of the line features that you can find on almost any small/large grill.

Medina River Outdoors 67 review

It is not difficult to assemble either, so once you get it you will have to spend around 20-25 min to assemble all of its parts and put them together and then it will be ready to grill/barbeque your favorite foods.

It has large and decent space to barbeque a lot of food at once, so you can arrange large dinners for your friends and family and can barbeque for all the people and it won’t even take too much time. It comes with wheels and a folding handle for convenient use and you can also move it from one place to another place easily.

Medina River Outdoors equipped 67 Jumbo with branded door and damper right on the flute. The doors fit well and are tight enough to make sure that you can control the flow of air with the help of the Exhaust Stack Flute and an Ash Door Baffel. Air control lets you cook tasty and amazing food.

Obviously, when you barbeque there’s some extra stuff that can get lost and is important as well. For this purpose 67 Jumbo is equipped with a proper storage space/shelf where you can keep anything that is needed while you barbeque. You also get an apron as well with it, not bad at all.

Medina River 67 Jumbo review

Users can also grill while smoking because the unit is equipped with grilling grates to its fire box. Moreover, the company also added charcoal grates to the smoking chamber of the grill which brings more convenience to the users as they have an option of grilling in the smoking chamber as well.

So, Medina River Outdoors tried their best to keep the product more flexible. All in all, with affordable price tag, great features and nice style 67 Jumbo along with smoker/grill combination it does seem like a great product and barbeque enthusiasts should give it a try!

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