Masterbuilt Model 20070512 Electric Smoker Review

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An electric smoker is an ideal appliance for families who love to cook outdoors. With this device, it is easy to make smoked meats, turkey, bacon, ribs, salmon, and other mouthwatering meals. It also spares its users with the typical hassles of outdoor cooking like constantly monitoring the temperature, shoveling coal, putting wood chips and sprinkling the meat with a mist of moisturizer.

An example of a modern electric smoker is the 40-inch Masterbuilt Model 20070512 electric smoker, a powerful and user-friendly appliance that’s suited for big families.

Masterbuilt Model 20070512 Electric Smoker Review

Features of the Device

This electric smoker is equipped with a blue LED display that lets you view the control panel even in direct sunlight. It is energy efficient with full foam insulation that keeps the heat in. It is quite spacious with more than 900 square inches of total cooking space.  

This smoker is also equipped with drip deflector to minimize the mess, and internal light that allows you to see the food you are smoking every time you want to check the status of the cooking process. Smoke is controlled well with its wood chip loading system.


It is also equipped with a radio frequency remote that allows you to control and monitor temperature, time and internal lighting. You can adjust the thermostat from as low as 100 degrees F to as high as 275 degrees F. And this device can be easily moved around the house with its rear handle and wheels.


Praise for the Electric Smoker

Most of the people who have tried this electric smoker are happy with its high capacity. With four chrome-coated cooking racks, there is enough space to smoke multiple foods like chickens, ribs and salmon. Some owners say they can grill more than 30 pounds of meat on this smoker, which translates to energy savings as cooking of multiple foods can be accomplished in a shorter time.  

It also achieves energy efficiency because heat is trapped inside in part because of its locking door and internal liner.


The device’s digital front control is another noteworthy feature of this smoker.  With it, you can easily set your desired temperature setting and the meats you are cooking are good to go. There’s also the handheld remote control that you can alternatively use to program the time and temperature settings.


Drawback of the Electric Smoker

While this electric smoker is being raved about because of its capacity, ease of use and energy efficiency, there are also criticisms about its temperature range. There are concerns that the smoker won’t be able to smoke poultry well, since it can only heat up to 275 degrees F. Some users of the appliance say that an ideal temperature ceiling for smoking poultry is 350 degrees F, especially for those who want crispy skin.

Despite this limitation, the Masterbuilt Model 20070512 electric smoker remains a highly-recommended appliance for families who love to cook outdoors. It cannot be denied that at such a reasonable price, this electric smoker packs an impressive list of features that makes smoking easy and less expensive.


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