How To Grill Food

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You may think that grilling food is just putting on meat or vegetables over a cooking grate until it is cooked.  But for grill masters who take grilling seriously, and others who would like to add oomph to their creation, there are certain techniques that they follow. 

This added oomph starts even before grilling, knowing that the manner of grilling food has its own way of enhancing the food’s natural flavor.  Let’s start off with beef.  Beef can be grilled as is or ground as patties, like burger patties.  They can take the form of steaks, kabobs, meatloaves or roasts. 

Since they are often cooked as slabs or large chunks, seasoning them with salt beforehand is advisable.  This is especially true for steaks and patties.  Skirt steaks can be made to cook more evenly if a meat tenderizer has been used to pound them before grilling.

Baby back ribs are a sure hit in the grilling arena.  The trick in grilling ribs that are so tender is to bake the ribs before grilling.  Rubbing each portion with the desired seasonings ensures that flavor is allowed to seep into the meat.  Ribs are then heated for 10 minutes and are brushed with barbeque sauce for added flavor. 

The grill is then covered to cook the ribs until done.  As an alternative, the ribs can be marinated so there’s no need to flavor it halfway when cooking.

how to grill

Another candidate for the cooking grate is lamb meat. One advantage of grilling lamb meat is that they are juicier, owing to their fat.  Grilling won’t exhaust all that fat; instead, it boosts its flavor.  However, too much of this fat can also lead to flare-ups.  Cutting off the excess fat can prevent this from happening. 

When using skewers for lamb kabobs, slice lamb meat into small pieces that will let it cook along with other ingredients such as peppers and onions.  If bamboo is used as a skewer, soak it in cold water for about 15 minutes so that it doesn’t burn.  When lamb meat is ground to serve as burger patties, they need to be oiled when grilled and the lid closed for the lamb patties to be done well.  Both sides should be cooked.

Bratwurst is another kind of food that will likely be grilled.  Bratwursts can be grilled outright if they have been precooked or braised in a flavored liquid, such as beer, before being grilled until brown.  The braising liquid can be warmed over the grill.  The bratwurst is pierced with a knife so that juices and vapor can be released when it starts cooking on the grill after braising. 

Grilling pork, on the other hand, is similar to grilling beef and lamb.  They need to be seasoned first, either through a marinade or by brushing the meat with oil so that salt and pepper can stick to it.  Flavor is added by brushing barbeque sauce on it halfway through grilling.

Poultry, such as chicken, is also a grilling favorite.  It can be grilled in much the same way as other meats but takes less time to cook.  You may have to slice through the chicken meat to see if the inside is already cooked.  Frequently brushing the chicken meat with sauce, not necessarily barbeque, makes sure that the meat is not allowed to dry. 

Brushing each side with oil before grilling also guarantees that the meat won’t stick to the grate, thereby turning the meat on the other side would be easy.  Cornish hens can be glazed for a more appetizing appearance.

Salmon should also be cooked skin-side down and brushed with oil and flavored with the desired sauce.  As for vegetables, like mushrooms and sweet potato, they are best placed in foil when grilling.

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