George Foreman GGR50 Review

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George Foreman grills are well known for revolutionizing the grilling experience and bringing all the joys of outdoor grilling indoors for your convenience.  These versatile grills provide two options for grilling, either indoors or outdoors something neither charcoal or propane grills can do safely. The George Foreman grill is 17.5″ diameter with over 240 square inches of cooking surface. 

The GGR50 grill comes with a pedestal allowing you to grill either on a tabletop for an indoor cooking option or using the pedestal while outdoors.  While standing alone on a table top the grill is about six inches high but with the pedestal it stands two and one half feet high.  Having both indoor and outdoor grilling options allows you to mingle with your guests while still grilling and having a revolutionary grill experience.

George Foreman GGR50 Review

Grilling is easy and convenient with the George Foreman grill.  Assembly requires only minutes and then you are ready to grill by just plugging in the grill to an electrical outlet and allowing it to preheat.  Electrical heat provides more a more adjustable and controllable range of cooking temperatures than a propane or charcoal grill. 

The low setting is sufficient to keep foods warm while waiting for serving and the high setting allows you to sear steaks for grilling.  The electrical heating system takes all the fuss out of grilling and gives you flexibility in your food preparation allowing you to prepare a large variety of Foods.

The grill has several features that make grilling a healthy option and is recommended by many health experts.  The grill is made of a non-stick surface which minimizes the amount of added fat needed to properly grill your foods and a center channel and slightly sloping surface drains fat away from your food during preparation.  The fat drains into a grease tray for easy clean up as well. 

The George Foreman grill has a high domed top and vented lid which keeps air flowing while cooking for optimal cooking conditions.   Cool to touch handles prevent injuries when lifting the lid to remove food.

George Foreman GGR50 Grill

This grill has truly revolutionized the grilling experience by making both indoor and outdoor grilling easy and convenient.  You will be ready to grill within minutes with the easy electronic temperature controls and clean up is easy with the George Foreman grill since there is no charcoal or ash with this convenient electronic system. 

 It’s both easy to clean and operate.  After your grilling is complete you simply wipe of the grill and can store it away until your next grilling opportunity.

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