Char-Broil 12601578 Review

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Char-Broil 12601578 Patio Bistro review

Char-Broils’ grills are well-known and appraised by many people and whether you are new barbeque enthusiast or an old one, you can’t miss its products as they deliver you convenience and quality at really affordable prices.  Recently Char-Broils unveiled another great grill in nice red color, 12601578 Patio Bistro. This grill is equipped with some really great features.

The Patio Bistro comes with a primary cooking space of 240 square inch which is coated in porcelain and a secondary cooking space of 80 square inch also porcelain-coated. So in total you get 320 sq. inch of cooking space which can cook up to 8-12 hamburgers.

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Char-Broil 12601578 Patio Bistro Tru-Infrared Electric Grill review

It has a great compact and sleek design and you’ll find a temperature gauge right on the top of its hood which is great to easily keep an eye on the temperature. Patio Bistro boasts Char Boil’s great infrared technology to cook the food, so there’s no charcoal or wood involved.

The infrared evenly spreads the heat over the grill and doesn’t leave any cold or hot spots. It produces around 65% infra-red heat for this process and it doesn’t work like traditional gas grills which operate on hot air (convective heat) to cook your favorite food, Patio Bistro grills’ TRU-Infrared technology cooks the food with natural, radian heat and limits the flow of hot air.

The TRU-Infrared technology enables it to cook food in such a way that the juices and flavors remain intact and the food doesn’t gets dried up like it does in traditional grills because they destroy food’s moisture barrier whereas infrared keeps the natural flavors and juices locked in.

It also features a precision dial electric control which allows users to easily control and operate the grill easily. It has a decent power of grilling at 1750 watts and the best thing is you can simply plug it into any 120V electrical outlet to get it going and start grilling your favorite food.

Char-Broil 12601578 Review

Since there is no wood and charcoal, you don’t have to worry about the mess or ash to clean after you’re done with a grilling session. It’s easy to clean just like it is easy to operate, just plug it out of the switch and clean it. Many people still like those traditional grills however with so many advancements in technology, upgrading to an infrared electrical isn’t a bad idea, especially when it preserves the essence of your food and makes it taste amazing.


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