Barbeque – Tips for a Successful Barbecue

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An outdoor activity is not limited to sports.  People with different backgrounds and lifestyles, of all ages can participate in a barbeque.  It is likely to be done in spring or summer and even in early fall, as long as it’s not freezing.  It can be done by a couple, family, friends and neighbors. 

You can do it in your backyard, lawn, park, campsite, vacation spot, parking area or field.  A barbeque may be in celebration of something, like a reunion, festival or even for no reason at all.  Whatever the occasion or reason, having a great barbeque with less or no frills at all is possible.  Just keep a few things in mind.

Barbeque tips

Firstly, it must be well thought-out.  This means that ingredients should all be available.  If you’re planning to grill or roast some whole chicken or turkey, ingredients for the sauce or gravy should be available.  Even utensils, like tongs or brushes for the sauce should also be present. 

Place all of the needed ingredients on a table near the grill.  Food or drinks that need to be refrigerated or cooled just before being consumed or are not yet needed should be left at the fridge or cooler when eating hasn’t commenced.

Secondly, to ensure that flavor has seeped through the food that is to be grilled, marinate them.  They are best marinated in large freezer bags so that you can shake them once in a while. Keep them in the fridge just before you are ready to cook them.  If they have frozen, place them in the lower part of the refrigerator and wait for some time for them to thaw. 

You can also thaw them under cold tap water for about 30 minutes or less.  Letting uncooked food sit for hours invites the multiplication of bacteria.  That’s definitely not part of the menu, unless they’re good bacteria that aid in digestion.

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When using bamboo as skewers, soak them in cold water first for 30 minutes.  This way, the skewers don’t get burned while cooking the meat that is on them.  When using metal skewers, they better be wiped by clean paper napkins dipped in cooking oil so that food threaded on them don’t stick. 

Also, make sure that meat is sliced into small pieces so that they can cook at the same time with any vegetables on the skewers.  Charred vegetables with hardly cooked meat can dampen the spirit of guests out for a fun barbeque.

Thirdly, if you have opted for grilling meat without marinating it, add flavor by using flavored oil.  It has the convenience of brushing oil so that food won’t stick to the cooking grate, while constantly adding flavor to the meat.  And speaking of convenience, use hinged wire baskets for vegetables and all other food that cook in small pieces. 

This way, food is easier to turn without some falling off between the cooking grates and into the charcoal or the burners.  These baskets must be oiled before cooking so that vegetables or small pieces of seafood do not stick to them.

Lastly, there are also pointers to keep in mind to ensure that food served during a barbeque is tasty and juicy.  For one, grilled seafood, like squid are better wrapped in tin foil to preserve its juices.  Since heat cannot be regulated in the case of a charcoal grill, cook meat initially in hot coals then move them to the side where coals are not as hot. 

This way, the outside of the meat is not charred while the inside remains uncooked.  You can find out if the inside has been thoroughly cooked if you pierce the meat with a knife and a clear juice runs out.