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We want to give you the confidence that when you visit our site, you can read our grill reviews and make your purchase decision knowing you have all the facts at hard. We call it the added value we give our clients. is committed to writing informative, well researched, professional, and honest grill reviews. We want to make your grilling experience Unique.

But Why Consider Buying a Grill?

Because it isn’t summer without backyard barbecues, and a great grill is the core to any delicious summer cookout. Grills heat up faster yet still offering a pleasing flavor you cannot attain with any other cooker. Further, barbecue grills can reach top temperatures and still maintain consistent heating.

And of course, you have always noticed it. Food tends to taste better when cooked outside, but it is even tastier with a great grill. Better cooks than us usually join the charcoal, electricity and grill reviews talk, but we leave that to them. We believe that the best grill for you is one that suits your lifestyle. With this in mind, we are always analyzing consumer and expert’s grills reviews to find the best grills at any budget, for any meal, year….and even on the go.

Here Is What Our Experts Say You Should consider When Buying Grills

A good grill should have at least two burners. This is a must for 2-zone cooking; the most essential technique you need to master for successful outdoor cooking. Our experts tells that the more the number of burners you have, the better.

Some models come with burners lined up side to side, while others are lined up front to back.

With the sided to side alignment, you can easily turn of one side, and slow roast using the indirect zone, and then crisp on the direct zone. You can also put your meet in the indirect zone for holding. Also note that the larger the cooking surface, the more flexibility your grill will allow you.

The optimal arrangement is when burners line-up from side-side for most cooking. However, if you are a fun of rotisserie cooking, front-back arrangement is better for you.

If the knobs are located on the front, this is usually a great sign that burners are aligned side-side. But if they are on the side, then most likely burners are aligned front-back.

The best grills burners are made from industry grade cast aluminum; brass, stainless steel, and they can last for years. Note that burners made of thin stamped aluminum or steel corrode easily, and they often require to be replaced after 3-5 years.

You need a lid

Some grills, even a few expensive models, come without a lid. This severely limits the type of cooking you can do on them. The lid allows you to set up in 2-zones and you can’t without it. You will also be forced to use direct heat from only one side; which is okay for dogs, burgers, and some thin cut meats, but you can’t cook ribs, turkey, thick steaks, or chicken properly with it. There are also some good models that come packed with double layered lid that aid with heat retention.

Before you think of running to purchase a grill, you should note that there are numerous models out there. Check out or reviews for the best grill for you.

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The Best Gas Grills 2020

The best gas grills 2020 are great candidates for slow cooking various recipes such as briskets and ribs. They allow you to easily maintain stable heating without the worry of whether you need to add more pellets or not.

Yes, a propane tank is quite heavy, but gas grills are pocket-friendly, which is a key feature you should consider when choosing between gas and pellet grills. As opposed to buying a bag of pellets each time you want to grill, a tank of natural gas or propane can last for several months with moderate grilling.

Sadly, and mainly due to hard advertising, most consumer are being led to think that shiny, feature laden, large gas grills have taken over backyard barbecuing, but our research shows a high price tag does not always guarantee quality cook time or better grilling experience. This explains why you might find a combination of low, medium, and high-priced models in our list of Best Gas Grills 2019. Some low and medium priced gas grills come with stainless trim, side burners and other features offered in high-end gas grills but at a discounted price.

If you would like to buy a gas grill, here are the top 3 gas grills models we have researched on and proved you can trust them to deliver on their promise of a great barbecuing experience.

Weber Genesis S-330 Review

Weber genesis S-330

If a grilling monarch existed, Weber genesis s-330 would certainly be his most priced crown jewels. It combines a plethora of features in a unit that is under priced. It comes with a stainless steel “Infinity Burner” for searing, a rear rotisserie burner, and a steel side burner.

It is the most popular gas grill in US. It is known for performance, solid construction and appealing design. It is the gas grill you should buy whether you have just married, have a mid-sized family or you are aging.

Dyna-Glo DGB390SNP-D Gas Grill

Dyna-Glo DGB390SNP-D Gas Grill

It is hard to think of a gas grill so distinctively American than Dyna-Glo DGB390SNP-D Gas Grill. If there is any grill that can be termed worth the currency that buys it, it is Dyna-Glo DGB390SNP-D Gas Grill. Its combines performance and quality in its small design.

It comes with 36,000 BTUs, and 390 sq inches of primary cooking surface, and 500Sq inches of total cooking space allowing you to enjoy the entire BBQ experience. It allows you to grill up to 20 hamburgers at once, or any other food of your choices such as fish, lamb, pork, and veggies for friends and family.

Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 480 Gas Grill

Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 480 Gas Grill

The Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 480 Gas Grill is a 3 burner dual fuel infrared stainless steel gas grill with side burners. It comes packed with a patented Infrared cooking system with up to 30,000 BTU stainless steel core burners, 13,000 BTU flush lidded side burner, and 3 grate level Sq inches of total cooking area.

It allows you to switch to natural gas much easily through its dual fuel conversion kit – which is sold separately. Other of its feature includes well insulated handles, stainless steel lid, and side shelves.


The Best Electric Grills 2020

Electric grills all utilize hot coil for heat, usually made from an alloy of nickel and chromium called nichrome. Once current is forced through, the alloy resists the flow, gets red hot, and glows.

Unlike gas and charcoal barbeque grills, all best electric grills 2017 do not give off large volumes of carbon monoxide. This feature makes them perfect especially in an era where we all want to go green and for indoor barbecuing in garages and sheds.

Further, they do not emit any smoke, or noxious gas fumes that normally disrupts your grilling experience. For this reason, electric grills are better for our Universe, safe and good for your health too.

With electric grills, there is no open flame and this minimizes incidences of accidents such as overheating and burns. And since they are usually more compact compared to both charcoal and gas grills, you can place them on a countertop or table. This gets them out of children’s reach. In simple words, electric grills are cost effective, convenient and easy to clean

We have done our homework, heres a list of the top 3 best electric grills 2019. Have a look.

Weber Q Electric 2400

Weber Q Electric 2400

Restyled, Weber Q Electric 2400 comes with super performance and a sleek design with added aesthetics that are both fun and functional, including control knobs, larger grip handle, stable rear and front cradles, ergonomic side handles and the familiar Weber Q logo on the lid.

The Weber Q 2400 electric grill sets the standards on the flavor expectations, and performance of any electric grill worth its salt. It allows you to grill chicken, sear burgers, chops, steaks, grill vegetables, fish, and fruits on porcelain enameled cast iron grates. You will be surprised by the unique taste of food cooked on this grill.

Char-Broil TRU Infrared Electric Patio Bistro 180 Grill

Char-Broil TRU Infrared Electric Patio Bistro 180 Grill

The Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Electric Patio Bistro grill is the perfect grilling solution. It comes with a patented infrared cooking system that channels heat evenly to the heating grate, getting rid of cold and hot spots. An exterior temperature gauge and precision dial allows you full control over its 1500W electric heater.

What’s more, it comes with a compact design that makes it ideal for use even in small spaces and on the go grilling. It brings grilling to your deck, patio, balcony, or any other event from home. It includes a 254 sq. Inches cooking area, temperature gauge and removal dial control plug. It allows you to add real wood chips or pellets one-on-one on the grilling grate.

Meco 9325 Deluxe Electric Cart Grill

Meco 9325 Deluxe Electric Cart Grill

Our list of the best electric grill 2016 cannot be complete without mentioning the Meco 9325 Deluxe Electric Cart Grill. It easily plugs into any regular household plug, and it offers the right amount of heating for superb grilling. Its features a cart design with 2 holding side tables that allow you additional room for serving and preparing.

This item is ideal for use in condominiums, and apartments where use of open flame charcoal or gas grill is prohibited. A stable wire shelf is provided at the bottom of its cart for additional storage. What’s more, it’s made in USA, and we hope this tells you something about its quality.

The Best Pellet Grills 2020

Something you may not have known from other resources on the best pellet grill 2019 is that there were two issues you need to keep in mind when buying; fuel consumption and flavor. Pellet smokers are known to give great flavor compared to gas and electric grills, but some brands are more pronounced than others.

On average, hardwood pellets give the longest overall burn time compared to fruit wood pellets. In addition, 100% pure fruit pellets are also more expensive. So, if you decide to grill with pure cherry wood pellets, you are going to end up using more fuel compared to if you settled for a hardwood/cherry blend, and it will also cost you more. One comment that we normally find in best pellet grills 2016, and which our experts support, is that you will not get as much efficiency as you will have paid for.

Also note that if you settle for lump Charcoal, you are going to enjoy as little ash as possible and the cleanest cook you can get with any best pellet grill 2019, but these comes at a premium price compared to charcoal.

The secret is to note that different mixes of pellets will give different cooking, and the type of cooker you are using will also have an effect on this area. We recommend the following brands as the best pellets grills in 2019.

REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill Review

REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill

The REC Tec Grill is a wood pellet grill that features a high-temperature durable coat finish and a primary cooking area of 680 sq. inches. It comes with a huge interior and a great amount of headroom for cooking turkeys and whole chickens.

It is made in China, but, the soul and heart of the grill are made in the USA. Its durable, powder-fine coat is also made in US and its final assembly together with quality controls takes place at REC TEC Grill factory in Georgia. It comes with an awesome, 6 years limited warranty.

Camp Chef PG24 Pellet Grill

Camp Chef PG24 Pellet Grill

If you want to take your outdoor grilling to the next level, our experts recommend you buy Camp Chef PG24 Pellet Grill and smoker. It is designed with home grilling in mind, and to simply smoking. The included digital temperature control allows a more steady smoke and temperature, eliminating large temperature swings and giving a more stable cooking temperature.

Also, the unit comes with a patented Ash Can Cleanout System that makes clean up the easiest. It features range from innovative digital smoker controls to dual temperature sensors. It is designed to allow you to discover the real meaning of the word real secret of award winning BBQ cook, low and slow smoking.

Traeger Junior Elite Pellet Grill

Traeger Junior Elite Pellet Grill

Upgraded for 2015 with Traeger Digital Thermostat Controller that caters for digital temperature control, Traeger Junior Elite Pellet Grill is ideal for small households, college living, and tailgating. It is a great introduction to pellet grilling. It provides 292 sq inches of primary cooking space that gives up to 19,500 BTUs.

Its 20 inches by 20 inches cooking area come with porcelain coated grilling grate, and a technology that circulates smoking around your food giving it one of the most tantalizing tastes ever. The grill also comes with a conventional blower that feeds pellets into the grill. Just set your desired temperature and leave the Traeger to do the rest of the cooking for you.

What to Grill: The Best Meat Cuts

Well, now you know the best grills out in the market but what do you cook? This can be quite tricky depending on the occasion, but do not worry. Here some tips and make sure you read our top 10 barbecue sauces!

  • If you are on a tight budget, consider flank steak, chicken legs, pork chops, or ground beef.
  • If you are keeping an eye on your weight, try flank steak, chicken breast, or ground beef
  • If you are feeding a crowd, try Chicken breasts, baby back ribs, chicken legs, or pork chops
  • If you want to impress, try t-bone steak, chicken legs, baby back ribs.

To learn more about grills and grilling, you are welcome to flip through our site. You are also welcome to ask any question you might be having. Also, feel free to let us know if there is a grill you would like us to review, or to know about. We value sharing ideas.